The Ballad of Spinach Quiche

I am the worst assassin ever.

Getting in some much-needed spot black practice.

viobliterator said: wow i should do this too - does sculptris cost anything? where can i get it?

Sculptris is a FREE 3D modeling program!

I should have done this years ago.

I should have done this years ago.



HEY GUYS. So I’ve started an animatic series called Bad Life Choices. It’s true stories told by people and animated by me! I’d really love some feedback and support on this, since this is the real reason I jumped on ye old YouTube wagon.

I have some more stories from others lined up to record, so the episodes won’t usually be about me and my stories. I hope this can maybe give you a giggle. Thanks for watching!

Tron Uprising for Draw Yourself? :)


The world ends in 20 minutes.

This game is a must play.

gonna be using this website alot <3



Body Type:Short, Thin

Clothing:Heavy Metal Armor

Head Type:Cyborg


(created by PreservedCucumbers)

I’m glad you like my randomizer! :D

In case anyone needed further proof of just how much Sidney does not fuck around.

Hey guys, Savannah, Georgia (my current hometown) is finally getting an awesome nerd convention! They’ve run into a problem, however. One of the venues they had booked is no longer available for several reasons. They need to raise money QUICKLY to book another venue so the convention can still happen! If you live in or near Savannah, GA and would like to have a regular spring convention to go to, please consider donating a buck!

edit: Anyone who comes to my art table at SwarmCon with proof of donating $5 or more gets a signed and sketched copy of Distillum Volume 1 or 2 FOR FREE!

The house on this page took an entire day.


Distillum Volume 2 is now on sale! You can also grab Volume 1, or even a combo pack of both books for less than buying separate!


Oh man, guys. You owe it to yourselves to play this game. Probably one of the most beautiful and innovative games I’ve played it a very long time!

dangerously low cold tolerance in winter.