The Ballad of Spinach Quiche

Our Panty & Stocking group at Dragon*Con!

Panty - woggywoowoo
Stocking - spazzbot
Brief - hobomechanist
Scanty - kytri
Kneesocks - preservedcucumbers (me!)


Round 1 of Team Free Will meetup with GISHWHES thrown in for style points. I hope that nice girl from the GISHWHES tower gets set free soon.

It was a fair bit lonely after my Impala friend disappeared but at least I got some nice photos of other people I’m pleased with. Man, there has got to be a better place for photos for next year.

Even better photos of me and Cait as Fem!Dean and Fem!Cas!

(whoops, put this on the wrong blog at first)

me and @kytri as Pewdiepie and Cry!

Photos from the SPN photoshoot on Friday night. Electrikfeather was my fem!Cas and she was AWESOME OMG. I’m the only fem!Dean, for the record :B

Our Adventure Time group cosplay! This was so much fun. We had a lot of other AT cosplayers jump in for photos. Thanks to everyone who recognized us, we had so much fun.

Princess Bubblegum - WoggyWooWoo
Lumpy Space Princess - Spazzbot
Ice King - Hobomechanist
Finn - Christina (sister of Woggy)
Marceline - Kytri
and me as Engagement Ring Princess!


You got an AWESOME photo of our group!


You got an AWESOME photo of our group!